Best Practices for Digital Marketing

Many people think search engines have a hidden agenda. This simply is not true. The goal of the search engine is to provide high-quality content to people searching the Internet. Search engines with the broadest distribution network sell the most advertising space. As I write this, Google is considered the search engine with the best relevancy. Their technologies power the bulk of web searches.

Digital Marketing Essentials #1

Google uses links to find websites. In order to rank websites, one of the big drivers is the number of websites and pages that link to your website

The following bits may contain a few advanced search topics. It is fine if you do not necessarily understand them right away; the average webmaster does not need to know search technology in depth. Some might be interested in it, so I have written a bit about it with those people in mind. (If you are new to the web and uninterested in algorithms

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Google Awords #2

The simple and innovative system matched web searchers and advertised content more accurately than ever before, saving marketers money and time. AdWords is
still Google’s highest-earning product.

The turning point for the company came in 2000 when Google launched its AdWords service, a means by which marketers could bid on certain search keywords so that their adverts appeared on search results when a user entered those keywords. As the AdWords were auctioned off, Google’s revenue shot through the roof.

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Web Development

All roads lead to your website. As you will see in the mind map below, your
website is the hub that all your other marketing strategies lead to.

Your website is your most important tool for creating a marketable web presence – it is the cornerstone of any web strategy. It is also your brand’s home on the web, the site that anyone can visit for up-to-date facts, information, offers, community and other features –the equivalent of an online business card.